Since 1995, the Atlantic Coast of New York  Monitoring Program (ACNYMP), a cooperative effort of the New York State Department of State, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ New York District and New York Sea Grant, has been collecting information and data on beach changes and coastal processes for the 135-mile stretch of shoreline between Coney Island and Montauk Point.  The goal of the ACNYMP is to provide coastal managers, regulators, government officials and the public with information that will allow them to make better decisions regarding coastal erosion hazard management and resource use.  This web site was developed in conjunction with NOAA's Coastal Services Center to distribute the information to coastal audiences in a more readily useable form.  Data collected under the program include semi-annual beach profile surveys taken at over 348 locations along the shoreline and semi-annual aerial photographs of the entire coast. (In some cases, the collection of data has not been continuous due to construction or funding constraints.)  Historical data and information from other coastal projects including historical shorelines, topography, locations of structures, flood zone delineations, etc. are also being compiled as part of this program and are included here. 




Atlantic Coast of New York Monitoring Program Data Viewer